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Importing Newer OpenSCAD Files into FreeCAD

I design in OpenSCAD (a programmer’s CAD tool where you write code and “run” it to make your model as opposed to interactively building). When it comes time for mass production you need an industry-standard “.STEP” file format, which OpenSCAD doesn’t support, but another tool called FreeCAD does. The FreeCAD’s importer works on OpenSCAD models, […]

Prediction: Facebook to Buy Steam

So Facebook has bought Oculus for 2 billion and like so many others I’ve got mixed feelings about it. As a Kickstarter backer I feel the typical disillusionment as a cool upstart company matures and sells out. From a VR enthusiast perspective I’m more optimistic than most of the FB trolls posting out there today. […]

Bitcoin Mining – The Party is Over

Making Bitcoins is simple enough. Run a special program on your computer, and it will try to solve a hard math problem. If your computer gets lucky and guesses a valid answer first, it will let the Internet know you have an answer, ¬†and your computer will be rewarded with 25 Bitcoins. This challenge is […]

Google’s Latest Machiavellian Move

Windows XP extended support is scheduled to end April 8th 2014. Microsoft has many reasons to stick to the plan – older systems are a pain to patch, they are supporting too many legacy systems, and they make more money when people are in an upgrading cycle. Although this will drive many businesses to move […]

Local Video Options

Last year I came up with a reasonable solution for my local entertainment environment using a Roku and a Synology NAS for my files. Since then the world has moved to the cloud, which is something I continue to resist. There are now tons of devices, apps and services for my TV, but few handle […]

Evil Business Plan XI: Movie/TV Review/Listing Mashup

When I want to go to the movies I head over to rottentomates.com to get a sense of the choices. It isn’t nearly as accurate at netflix.com since the tomatometer is a general population of reviews as opposed to matching other users to my reviews and tastes. I find that even though I pay for […]

Evil Business Plan, Part X: Software and Razor Blades

I will be hosting a large party soon, and with the middling reception at my house the inevitable “Can I get your Wifi Password” will come up a dozen or more times. After doing some research I found that there is a Wifi QR spec that all Android phones use (I’m not sure about Apple) […]

Pennies to Heaven

It’s time to kill the penny. You used to hear people say “I remember when a loaf of bread was a nickle”. Today it’s 40x that. Once you hit an inflation point this high it’s time to make a change. Lots of people are advocating for the demise of the penny, but I’m going much […]

Inception Alarm Clock

I hate the jarring wakeful state that alarm clocks produce. I find it so painful that I put myself into a lighter sleep in the hour or so before the alarm goes off, and often wake myself up from 15 to 5 minutes the alarm hits. This isn’t good for me as I don’t get […]

Truth in [Comcastic] Advertising

We’ve been watching lots of streaming netflix recently and loving it. Since we’re watching it via a Comcast connection I’ve been worried about future issues including the bandwith caps, Comcast-owned traffic prioritization, and the recent peering squabble that has been in the news. I’ve been monitoring my bandwidth usage for the last couple of months […]