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Prediction: Facebook to Buy Steam

So Facebook has bought Oculus for 2 billion and like so many others I’ve got mixed feelings about it. As a Kickstarter backer I feel the typical disillusionment as a cool upstart company matures and sells out. From a VR enthusiast perspective I’m more optimistic than most of the FB trolls posting out there today. […]

Bitcoin Mining – The Party is Over

Making Bitcoins is simple enough. Run a special program on your computer, and it will try to solve a hard math problem. If your computer gets lucky and guesses a valid answer first, it will let the Internet know you have an answer, ¬†and your computer will be rewarded with 25 Bitcoins. This challenge is […]

Google’s Latest Machiavellian Move

Windows XP extended support is scheduled to end April 8th 2014. Microsoft has many reasons to stick to the plan – older systems are a pain to patch, they are supporting too many legacy systems, and they make more money when people are in an upgrading cycle. Although this will drive many businesses to move […]

Local Video Options

Last year I came up with a reasonable solution for my local entertainment environment using a Roku and a Synology NAS for my files. Since then the world has moved to the cloud, which is something I continue to resist. There are now tons of devices, apps and services for my TV, but few handle […]

Evil Business Plan XI: Movie/TV Review/Listing Mashup

When I want to go to the movies I head over to rottentomates.com to get a sense of the choices. It isn’t nearly as accurate at netflix.com since the tomatometer is a general population of reviews as opposed to matching other users to my reviews and tastes. I find that even though I pay for […]

Evil Business Plan, Part X: Software and Razor Blades

I will be hosting a large party soon, and with the middling reception at my house the inevitable “Can I get your Wifi Password” will come up a dozen or more times. After doing some research I found that there is a Wifi QR spec that all Android phones use (I’m not sure about Apple) […]

Pennies to Heaven

It’s time to kill the penny. You used to hear people say “I remember when a loaf of bread was a nickle”. Today it’s 40x that. Once you hit an inflation point this high it’s time to make a change. Lots of people are advocating for the demise of the penny, but I’m going much […]

Inception Alarm Clock

I hate the jarring wakeful state that alarm clocks produce. I find it so painful that I put myself into a lighter sleep in the hour or so before the alarm goes off, and often wake myself up from 15 to 5 minutes the alarm hits. This isn’t good for me as I don’t get […]

Truth in [Comcastic] Advertising

We’ve been watching lots of streaming netflix recently and loving it. Since we’re watching it via a Comcast connection I’ve been worried about future issues including the bandwith caps, Comcast-owned traffic prioritization, and the recent peering squabble that has been in the news. I’ve been monitoring my bandwidth usage for the last couple of months […]

Artistry of Puzzles

This Christmas Betsy got me the best Lego set ever. I was talking to a friend at my parent’s post-Christmas party about it and she asked “so you build it, and then what?” I tried to explain but I apparently lacked the words, and she quickly got bored with my rambling. So here is my […]