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Artistry of Puzzles

This Christmas Betsy got me the best Lego set ever. I was talking to a friend at my parent’s post-Christmas party about it and she asked “so you build it, and then what?” I tried to explain but I apparently lacked the words, and she quickly got bored with my rambling. So here is my […]

I’m Pissed Off at Angry Birds

So last night I was playing with Angry Birds in bed while the rest of the house slept. I had the in-game sound turned off and the screen set to the dimmest setting. I was playing on my Droid so it was the ad sponsored free version of Angry Birds – the only version you […]

Foursquare is Socially Responsible?

I’ve ignored foursquare and the other “social” (as in entertaining your friends) sites that have nothing to offer that is “social” (as in benefiting your community). But today foursquare may have moved into the realm of social benefit when they added an “I Voted 2010” badge. So I’m now a foursquare user.