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Joojoo and Grid10 Final Post

Fusion Garage, the maker of my tablets, is no more. The CEO has fulfilled his destiny, taking the money, leaving the creditors with a $40 million bill, and disappearing from public life. The judge in the original lawsuit handed them a well deserved loss. Websites are down. The community is scattering. Its over. Time for the post-mortem.

joojoo redux

The Grid10 tablet has been delayed for a few weeks. In the mean time Microsoft has released its developer’s preview of Windows 8. Since I’ve not been thrilled with the joojoo’s original OS, Ubuntu, Jolicloud, or Window 7 on the joojoo I decided to try out Windows 8. In a word: Nirvana.

Free Your Mindset

The iPad is 2 years ahead of the competition and seems to be holding that lead. Eventually the market will mature and I won’t care about the remaining little differences, but at the moment the 2-year gulf is huge. I’m a fairly new Apple hater, due mostly to their anti open source stance, which I […]

The Great Data Cable Unifier – Almost

The new Light Peak spec, now branded by Intel and Apple as Thunderbolt, is getting lots of press today. Everyone is talking about how fast it is and comparing it to 1394 and USB 3.0. Sure its faster, but everyone is missing the point. It is an attempt to unify all data cables into one, […]

RIP joojoo: 2010-2010

The CEO of Fusion Garage, the maker of the joojoo, has posted rash of blog entries and had other private media meetings this week. I’ve felt for a while that we were in the calm before a new product announcement storm, and sure enough, it is now confirmed with an almost brisk breeze: the joojoo 2 will […]

The joojoo: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I finally have my joojoo. After an agonizing 87 days and re-learning the lesson that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it is in my hands. I’m enjoying my joojoo – that’s not to say there aren’t serious issues or that I recommend it to all my friends – but it is most of what […]

joojoo ahoy hoy

After 84 days I actually have a tracking number. Apparently the trick to getting a unit to actually ship is to hound their customer service relentlessly. My joojoo shipped from Singapore and it has just arrived at the FedEx facility in Memphis, TN. I’m excited. My joojoobe.com wiki is coming along nicely as a basic […]

My “Hello World” Wiki

I’ve contributed to many wiki sites but I’ve never put one together before. Now that my joojoo is on its way (yeah!) I decided to make joojoobe.com into a proper wiki. Beyond the typical issues of content aggregation, organization, and re-learning their markup syntax, I’ve found the process to be educational especially from a structural mechanics point […]

JooJoo a GoGo!

Finally, after 26 days of trying, I’ve been able to place an order of a JooJoo. They have cut over to standard credit card processing from the ill-fated PayPal-only solution. Now I just need to wait another 26 days for it to arrive, assuming there aren’t any delays. I’m expecting it to be more like […]

JooJoo a NoGo?

I expected to have a post titled “JooJoo a GoGo” a couple weeks ago, but they just won’t take my order. The JooJoo is a tablet device, most commonly compared to the iPad. Due to its rocky history and the fact it comes from an unknown startup, it probably won’t make much of a splash […]