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VC Dystopia

Any start-up needs backers which almost always means venture capital investment. Sure you can start off in your garage and get the basics done on your own dime, but once you are on your way to becoming known to the public you need to grow fast. If you don’t take the money then someone else […]

Evil Business Plan IX: Gorey WAPs

Over the weekend I helped my sister Sidney move her files to a new iMac and I got her a new WAP/Router to replace her lame WEP one. Since I’ve not got her using lastpass yet and she is unlikely to remember a password that she doesn’t regularly use I recommended she put a sticker […]

Evil Business Plan, Part VIII: Pop Culture Cyber Squatter

I’ve been sick for a few days and as I drift in and out of consciousness I’ve been watching some of my favorite movies such as the original Star Wars. Its amazing how simplistic the dialog is in that flick, but I think that has helped it to achieve classic status. Star Wars contains a ton of […]

Evil Business Plan, Part VII: Home Media Solution for 2010’s

For years I tried on and off to get a complex MythTV setup up and running. I eventually came to the realization that a broadcast-based system wasn’t ideal as broadcast was slowly dying off, and I can continue to use TiVo through its demise. Currently I’ve got XBMC (mostly) running on a couple of machines […]

Evil Business Plan, Part VI: Cloud Development

Back in the DOS days I wrote my own editor as a stand-alone tool and to embed within my software. It was better than what was out there until Boxer and later UltraEdit came along, and when Windows 3.1 came out it was time to wind down the project. But I’ve always felt the pull […]

Apple’s Own Medicine

Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial may have only aired once, but its impact was huge. They became the technology choice of freedom from the tyranny of Microsoft. These days the Apple vs. Microsoft juxtaposition has been recast as one of closed vs. open ecosystem, and the Google vs. Apple/Microsoft distinction has developed into “Don’t Be Evil” […]

Prescription 3D Glasses

Everyone is selling expensive shutter glasses and cheap red/cyan glasses, and a few are selling polarized glasses that don’t look quite as dorky as the ones in the theaters.  The traditional prescription companies will sell you all sorts of sunglass tints and various coatings, but none are selling prescription 3D glasses. Why can’t I buy […]

Evil Business Plan, Part V: Future Gifts

There is an ad running these days for an identity protection service with a promotion offer of the first month free plus a free crappy shredder. I’ll bet most people interested in identity protection already have a decent shredder either at home or at the office. Taking it a step further, a free physical item […]

Evil Business Plan IV: Disney + Legos = goodness?

Every now and then Disney creates a worthwhile kids show, and Phineas and Ferb is one such show. The cartoon has well developed characters and always has a wholesome undertone without ever preaching.  But the driving force behind every episode is the two main kids constructing something wild every day throughout the summer.

Evil Business Plan, Part III: Uphold the 4th Amendment

The 11th circuit court just decided that 4th amendment (the unlawful search & seizure amendment) effectively doesn’t apply to email. Outrage! Horror! How do I capitalize on this?!?