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One-Click-Win Frequency in Minesweeper

Back in 1997 I decided I needed to learn Javascript, so I wrote a clone of Minesweeper to teach myself the new language. I put my demo online and it was well received. Despite the lack of modern standards it has been used as the basis of many apps, widgets, and other sites. It continues […]

MVC Sucks

MVC, or Model-View-Controller, is an old concept that has gained traction in the developer community in the last few years. The idea is instead of writing spaghetti, follow a general separation of duties, where one element defines the data (the Model), one presents the data (the View), and one logic store interacts with the user, the […]

Balanced Email RegEx Mask

My users seem to have a problem entering email addresses. Not too often, say 1 in 50, but it is an issue. Forcing them to enter it twice would help them to fix some type-o’s and it does prevent some invalid emails, but I suspect those who make the most errors will defeat the duplicate […]

CAS Number Format and Check Digit Validation

CAS numbers are used to uniquely identify every chemical man can find or dream up. There are a staggering 60,000,000+ in the CAS number registry and 12,000 more are added daily. These numbers have a specific format mask with a check digit at the end. For a project I needed a simple client side CAS# […]

Pretty Code in WordPress

I’m impressed by the Google Code Javascript code prettifier. It isn’t too hard to embed into WordPress and makes a huge difference.


I’m loving Google+, admittedly in part because it isn’t Facebook, but also for its simple structure and usefulness with underlying power and great design. I particularly like the idea of circles, where you can group friends and coworkers separately, which is something Facebook has resolutely dissed.

Better Model for Saved Credit Card Info

Many smaller sites don’t store your credit card number, re-directing you to a payment processing site or to Paypal. But the big companies like Amazon thrive on being able to charge you with a single click, and would wilt if they always had to make the customer type in a huge number, a date, an […]

Persistent Intrusion and Locally Salted/Hashed Passwords

Sony’s recent break-in is a big deal. Not just because their tables were snarfed, but because apparently they don’t hash passwords (and they store credit card numbers and expiration dates too, plus security questions and answers – but thats a gripe for another day). The password theft isn’t a catastrophe if your password is unique […]

Oracle sequence repair after promotion

I want to start putting up snippets on occasion, often so I can find the code myself, but also for the world. So here’s the first in the series. Promotion of databases isn’t a big deal when overwriting the whole thing, except for the permission specifics and a few other details. Unfortunately promotion is usually […]

My “Hello World” Wiki

I’ve contributed to many wiki sites but I’ve never put one together before. Now that my joojoo is on its way (yeah!) I decided to make joojoobe.com into a proper wiki. Beyond the typical issues of content aggregation, organization, and re-learning their markup syntax, I’ve found the process to be educational especially from a structural mechanics point […]