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Pretty Code in WordPress

I’m impressed by the Google Code Javascript code prettifier. It isn’t too hard to embed into WordPress and makes a huge difference.

How I Defeated Spam

A really stupid thing to do is brag about how you’ve beat the spammers at their game. It just encourages them to find a way and you get tons more spam than ever before. Well, here it goes: I have no SPAM on this site. Although I’m using several tricks I want to share the […]

Printing Labels with HTML and CSS

I used to print about 75k-100k sheets per year, and I’m down to 10k-15k as everything becomes web based. I expect print volumes to continue to drop, eventually leveling off at about 2k. Some things need to be physical and will always need to be printed, and in my case the most critical one is […]

LEGOs Hurt My Feet

I love LEGOs, and I’m so happy that my kids (now aged 4, 6 and 8 ) are getting into them. The time has come to make the LEGO a mainstay of the creative toys in our house, which means moving them to the family room. But have you ever stepped on a LEGO? It […]

Last Windows 2000 Holdout

In the fall of 1999 I got a Windows 2000 computer. This was a huge step up from Windows 98 and from NT, and I rediscovered that Microsoft could get it right sometimes. I ignored the eye candy version when it came out (Windows XP) until SP2 when they actually had something worth upgrading for. […]

Measuring Spoons for the Modern Cook

When following a recipe it can be handy to measure all your ingredients. But more often then not I find I want to improvise which isn’t conducive to using traditional kitchen measurement tools. So many people have to track what they eat, from weight diets to carbohydrates, fat, or salt controlled diets. When cooking you […]

The MPAA Saved Me 4K

I love 3D. My first 3D rig in about 2002 used a pair of e-Dimensional wireless 3D glasses in front of a 19″ CRT monitor. It used a special nVidia driver to pump out theĀ interlaced frames, a custom 15-pin CRT cable that split out the sync signal, and an IR transmitter that sent that sync […]


Betsy is going to have a 40″ ice luge at Saturday’s fancy Fire & Ice party. It barely fits in the space with a slim drip tray and this thing will melt quickly. So how do I create a siphon that I can easily activate multiple times during a party?

Answering the Phone

When the business line rings I want to answer it fast. It could be a client, prospective client, or technical support for a site user. I need to have pen in hand and fresh piece of paper in front of me, and be ready at the keyboard for whatever may come. Oh, and I need […]

Chrome Extension

I’ve been running Chrome in Linux for a while now, but I can’t move to it completely yet. I’ve got a list of problems (I may post here later), but one in particular seems easily solvable with a relatively small and simple extension. I’d like to try my hand at writing a browser extension anyway […]