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Analog to Digital media conversion

I picked up a fairly cheap turntable and VCR, each with a USB out. Its a cool concept for a consumer product, bundling easy-to-use software with a simple and familiar piece of hardware. I’m using them to convert albums I miss and home movies. The main headache is that the bundled software isn’t all I […]

The color blind experience

When designing a site I refer to a color blind chart which shows what colors look like to someone with the most common type of color blindness. Unfortunately I find it difficult to comprehend and I wimp out, going with ultra safe color schemes. What I need is to see the site as a color […]

Vote QR

Next election if I feel passionate about a candidate I want to make my own lawn sign. It will be a QR code that fills the whole space and that’s it, no text at all. It will resolve to a web link, and I’ll build a fun little landing page that includes links to the […]