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Pretty Code in WordPress

I’m impressed by the Google Code Javascript code prettifier. It isn’t too hard to embed into WordPress and makes a huge difference.

How I Defeated Spam

A really stupid thing to do is brag about how you’ve beat the spammers at their game. It just encourages them to find a way and you get tons more spam than ever before. Well, here it goes: I have no SPAM on this site. Although I’m using several tricks I want to share the […]

Last Windows 2000 Holdout

In the fall of 1999 I got a Windows 2000 computer. This was a huge step up from Windows 98 and from NT, and I rediscovered that Microsoft could get it right sometimes. I ignored the eye candy version when it came out (Windows XP) until SP2 when they actually had something worth upgrading for. […]

The MPAA Saved Me 4K

I love 3D. My first 3D rig in about 2002 used a pair of e-Dimensional wireless 3D glasses in front of a 19″ CRT monitor. It used a special nVidia driver to pump out theĀ interlaced frames, a custom 15-pin CRT cable that split out the sync signal, and an IR transmitter that sent that sync […]


Betsy is going to have a 40″ ice luge at Saturday’s fancy Fire & Ice party. It barely fits in the space with a slim drip tray and this thing will melt quickly. So how do I create a siphon that I can easily activate multiple times during a party?