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Unfortunate Powerball Numbers

Apparently 20% of lottery players pick their own numbers. Although I can’t source this ‘fact’ and I’m admittedly speculating from here, I’ll bet many of those who self-select are choosing familiar numbers such as birthdays. This means there will be a disproportionate number of digits from 1-12 and to a lesser extent from 13-31, out of a maximum numbered […]

Apple Predictions

I need to get these up quick before the announcements begin.


I’m loving Google+, admittedly in part because it isn’t Facebook, but also for its simple structure and usefulness with underlying power and great design. I particularly like the idea of circles, where you can group friends and coworkers separately, which is something Facebook has resolutely dissed.

H-1B Visa Reform

I believe as a nation we are much stronger with substantial immigration. Those who have the drive and initiative to move to a new country typically have a strong work ethic and help make this nation become stronger as a whole, and their children typically maintain that ethic and drive. H-1B Visas are different.

Better Model for Saved Credit Card Info

Many smaller sites don’t store your credit card number, re-directing you to a payment processing site or to Paypal. But the big companies like Amazon thrive on being able to charge you with a single click, and would wilt if they always had to make the customer type in a huge number, a date, an […]

The Great Data Cable Unifier – Almost

The new Light Peak spec, now branded by Intel and Apple as Thunderbolt, is getting lots of press today. Everyone is talking about how fast it is and comparing it to 1394 and USB 3.0. Sure its faster, but everyone is missing the point. It is an attempt to unify all data cables into one, […]

Disillusioned with Obama

When Obama signed off on a health care plan that was a shadow of what we needed, I was disappointed. With his supporting another year of windfall tax breaks for the wealthy and getting only a basic middle class tax break and a minimal unemployment extension in return, I’ve lost faith. The bumper stickers come off the cars today.

I Want to Like the Google Chrome Keyboard

After seeing the leaked photos of the Google Chrome Netbook’s keyboard I’m both impressed and annoyed. They’ve taken the opportunity to re-invent portions of the keyboard, which is great, but they’ve not done it a way that suits the product, and not taken the opportunity for real change.

Joe Sestak for Congress

I’m voting for Joe Sestak on May 18th. Rather than just repeating his message, here are my top 5 personal reasons to vote for Joe. Specter voted with Bush much of the time. I’m glad he’s moved to the dems, but I can’t reward past behaviors when there is a clean slate alternative. Polls show […]

Fixing Campaign Finance Reform

The Supreme Court decided that corporations are constitutionally protected by the first amendment. Everyone in Washington says they are upset about this and vow to fix it, even if many are secretly happy. I find this situation particularly disturbing. The unofficial “4th branch of government” used to be the press, which was a good checks-and-balances […]