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Google isn’t evil, GoDaddy says “me either”

I’ve just been watching Senator Dorgan’s Internet Regulation in China hearing on C-SPAN; its actually been fascinating. On its face the hearing was an opportunity to reiterate that the US doesn’t approve of China’s human rights record. Praising Google for standing against China’s censorship policies was just the excuse to look tough on China, a […]

Vote QR

Next election if I feel passionate about a candidate I want to make my own lawn sign. It will be a QR code that fills the whole space and that’s it, no text at all. It will resolve to a web link, and I’ll build a fun little landing page that includes links to the […]

Hello world!

Too often I get obsessed with some cool concept and it becomes a mental distraction.  I need a better way clear my head when its full of thoughts and ideas. My drive has tons of disorganized spreadsheets and code snipits from various ideas. My old school composition books work great for drawings but not so […]