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VC Dystopia

Any start-up needs backers which almost always means venture capital investment. Sure you can start off in your garage and get the basics done on your own dime, but once you are on your way to becoming known to the public you need to grow fast. If you don’t take the money then someone else […]

Apple’s Own Medicine

Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial may have only aired once, but its impact was huge. They became the technology choice of freedom from the tyranny of Microsoft. These days the Apple vs. Microsoft juxtaposition has been recast as one of closed vs. open ecosystem, and the Google vs. Apple/Microsoft distinction has developed into “Don’t Be Evil” […]

Prescription 3D Glasses

Everyone is selling expensive shutter glasses and cheap red/cyan glasses, and a few are selling polarized glasses that don’t look quite as dorky as the ones in the theaters.  The traditional prescription companies will sell you all sorts of sunglass tints and various coatings, but none are selling prescription 3D glasses. Why can’t I buy […]