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Answering the Phone

When the business line rings I want to answer it fast. It could be a client, prospective client, or technical support for a site user. I need to have pen in hand and fresh piece of paper in front of me, and be ready at the keyboard for whatever may come. Oh, and I need […]

Chrome Extension

I’ve been running Chrome in Linux for a while now, but I can’t move to it completely yet. I’ve got a list of problems (I may post here later), but one in particular seems easily solvable with a relatively small and simple extension. I’d like to try my hand at writing a browser extension anyway […]

Evil Business Plan, Part II: Destroy the Ohio Art Company

OK, so this one is about 50 years too late. The Etch-a-Sketch has two controls, one in the X dimension and one in the Y. As everyone knows it takes great talent to draw a diagonal line, let alone a curve or circle. What the device needs is one knob that determines the direction and […]

Analog to Digital media conversion

I picked up a fairly cheap turntable and VCR, each with a USB out. Its a cool concept for a consumer product, bundling easy-to-use software with a simple and familiar piece of hardware. I’m using them to convert albums I miss and home movies. The main headache is that the bundled software isn’t all I […]

Tablet Mania

For about 12 years I’ve been waiting for my perfect tablet, and my long wait is finally coming to an end. I’m getting excited. There are no shipping products that I would want as of yet, just wars of prototype demos and press releases (plus a few lame shipping products). I’m fascinated watching the players […]

The color blind experience

When designing a site I refer to a color blind chart which shows what colors look like to someone with the most common type of color blindness. Unfortunately I find it difficult to comprehend and I wimp out, going with ultra safe color schemes. What I need is to see the site as a color […]

Vote QR

Next election if I feel passionate about a candidate I want to make my own lawn sign. It will be a QR code that fills the whole space and that’s it, no text at all. It will resolve to a web link, and I’ll build a fun little landing page that includes links to the […]

Evil Business Plan, Part I: The Demise of Towing Services

Parking lot owners have a friendly relationship with towing services, including aggressive enforcement practices and kickbacks.  This happy marriage has caused so much pain for so many. I’ve never been towed myself, but I’ve seen the loss of productivity the status quo causes. Create a service where a parking lot owner can log in or […]

Hello world!

Too often I get obsessed with some cool concept and it becomes a mental distraction.  I need a better way clear my head when its full of thoughts and ideas. My drive has tons of disorganized spreadsheets and code snipits from various ideas. My old school composition books work great for drawings but not so […]