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JooJoo a NoGo?

I expected to have a post titled “JooJoo a GoGo” a couple weeks ago, but they just won’t take my order. The JooJoo is a tablet device, most commonly compared to the iPad. Due to its rocky history and the fact it comes from an unknown startup, it probably won’t make much of a splash […]

Google isn’t evil, GoDaddy says “me either”

I’ve just been watching Senator Dorgan’s Internet Regulation in China hearing on C-SPAN; its actually been fascinating. On its face the hearing was an opportunity to reiterate that the US doesn’t approve of China’s human rights record. Praising Google for standing against China’s censorship policies was just the excuse to look tough on China, a […]

Evil Business Plan IV: Disney + Legos = goodness?

Every now and then Disney creates a worthwhile kids show, and Phineas and Ferb is one such show. The cartoon has well developed characters and always has a wholesome undertone without ever preaching.  But the driving force behind every episode is the two main kids constructing something wild every day throughout the summer.

Evil Business Plan, Part III: Uphold the 4th Amendment

The 11th circuit court just decided that 4th amendment (the unlawful search & seizure amendment) effectively doesn’t apply to email. Outrage! Horror! How do I capitalize on this?!?


Betsy is going to have a 40″ ice luge at Saturday’s fancy Fire & Ice party. It barely fits in the space with a slim drip tray and this thing will melt quickly. So how do I create a siphon that I can easily activate multiple times during a party?