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Evil Business Plan, Part VIII: Pop Culture Cyber Squatter

I’ve been sick for a few days and as I drift in and out of consciousness I’ve been watching some of my favorite movies such as the original Star Wars. Its amazing how simplistic the dialog is in that flick, but I think that has helped it to achieve classic status. Star Wars contains a ton of […]

My “Hello World” Wiki

I’ve contributed to many wiki sites but I’ve never put one together before. Now that my joojoo is on its way (yeah!) I decided to make joojoobe.com into a proper wiki. Beyond the typical issues of content aggregation, organization, and re-learning their markup syntax, I’ve found the process to be educational especially from a structural mechanics point […]

The MPAA Saved Me 4K

I love 3D. My first 3D rig in about 2002 used a pair of e-Dimensional wireless 3D glasses in front of a 19″ CRT monitor. It used a special nVidia driver to pump out the interlaced frames, a custom 15-pin CRT cable that split out the sync signal, and an IR transmitter that sent that sync […]

Joe Sestak for Congress

I’m voting for Joe Sestak on May 18th. Rather than just repeating his message, here are my top 5 personal reasons to vote for Joe. Specter voted with Bush much of the time. I’m glad he’s moved to the dems, but I can’t reward past behaviors when there is a clean slate alternative. Polls show […]

Evil Business Plan, Part VII: Home Media Solution for 2010’s

For years I tried on and off to get a complex MythTV setup up and running. I eventually came to the realization that a broadcast-based system wasn’t ideal as broadcast was slowly dying off, and I can continue to use TiVo through its demise. Currently I’ve got XBMC (mostly) running on a couple of machines […]

Technology Selection

The technology choices a startup makes will haunt them forever. No matter which selections are made they won’t be a perfect fit and there will be some degree of pain down the road. It doesn’t matter how careful and insightful the vetting process was or what other headaches were averted. No, it will all be […]

Evil Business Plan, Part VI: Cloud Development

Back in the DOS days I wrote my own editor as a stand-alone tool and to embed within my software. It was better than what was out there until Boxer and later UltraEdit came along, and when Windows 3.1 came out it was time to wind down the project. But I’ve always felt the pull […]