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The joojoo: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I finally have my joojoo. After an agonizing 87 days and re-learning the lesson that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it is in my hands. I’m enjoying my joojoo – that’s not to say there aren’t serious issues or that I recommend it to all my friends – but it is most of what […]

Measuring Spoons for the Modern Cook

When following a recipe it can be handy to measure all your ingredients. But more often then not I find I want to improvise which isn’t conducive to using traditional kitchen measurement tools. So many people have to track what they eat, from weight diets to carbohydrates, fat, or salt controlled diets. When cooking you […]

joojoo ahoy hoy

After 84 days I actually have a tracking number. Apparently the trick to getting a unit to actually ship is to hound their customer service relentlessly. My joojoo shipped from Singapore and it has just arrived at the FedEx facility in Memphis, TN. I’m excited. My joojoobe.com wiki is coming along nicely as a basic […]