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Truth in [Comcastic] Advertising

We’ve been watching lots of streaming netflix recently and loving it. Since we’re watching it via a Comcast connection I’ve been worried about future issues including the bandwith caps, Comcast-owned traffic prioritization, and the recent peering squabble that has been in the news. I’ve been monitoring my bandwidth usage for the last couple of months […]

Artistry of Puzzles

This Christmas Betsy got me the best Lego set ever. I was talking to a friend at my parent’s post-Christmas party about it and she asked “so you build it, and then what?” I tried to explain but I apparently lacked the words, and she quickly got bored with my rambling. So here is my […]

Evil Business Plan IX: Gorey WAPs

Over the weekend I helped my sister Sidney move her files to a new iMac and I got her a new WAP/Router to replace her lame WEP one. Since I’ve not got her using lastpass yet and she is unlikely to remember a password that she doesn’t regularly use I recommended she put a sticker […]

Disillusioned with Obama

When Obama signed off on a health care plan that was a shadow of what we needed, I was disappointed. With his supporting another year of windfall tax breaks for the wealthy and getting only a basic middle class tax break and a minimal unemployment extension in return, I’ve lost faith. The bumper stickers come off the cars today.

I Want to Like the Google Chrome Keyboard

After seeing the leaked photos of the Google Chrome Netbook’s keyboard I’m both impressed and annoyed. They’ve taken the opportunity to re-invent portions of the keyboard, which is great, but they’ve not done it a way that suits the product, and not taken the opportunity for real change.