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I’m loving Google+,¬†admittedly¬†in part because it isn’t Facebook, but also for its simple structure and usefulness with underlying power and great design. I particularly like the idea of circles, where you can group friends and coworkers separately, which is something Facebook has resolutely dissed.

Inception Alarm Clock

I hate the jarring wakeful state that alarm clocks produce. I find it so painful that I put myself into a lighter sleep in the hour or so before the alarm goes off, and often wake myself up from 15 to 5 minutes the alarm hits. This isn’t good for me as I don’t get […]

H-1B Visa Reform

I believe as a nation we are much stronger with substantial immigration. Those who have the drive and initiative to move to a new country typically have a strong work ethic and help make this nation become stronger as a whole, and their children typically maintain that ethic and drive. H-1B Visas are different.