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Joojoo and Grid10 Final Post

Fusion Garage, the maker of my tablets, is no more. The CEO has fulfilled his destiny, taking the money, leaving the creditors with a $40 million bill, and disappearing from public life. The judge in the original lawsuit handed them a well deserved loss. Websites are down. The community is scattering. Its over. Time for the post-mortem.

CAS Number Format and Check Digit Validation

CAS numbers are used to uniquely identify every chemical man can find or dream up. There are a staggering 60,000,000+ in the CAS number registry and 12,000 more are added daily. These numbers have a specific format mask with a check digit at the end. For a project I needed a simple client side CAS# […]

Pretty Code in WordPress

I’m impressed by the Google Code Javascript code prettifier. It isn’t too hard to embed into WordPress and makes a huge difference.

How I Defeated Spam

A really stupid thing to do is brag about how you’ve beat the spammers at their game. It just encourages them to find a way and you get tons more spam than ever before. Well, here it goes: I have no SPAM on this site. Although I’m using several tricks I want to share the […]

Apple Predictions

I need to get these up quick before the announcements begin.

VC Dystopia

Any start-up needs backers which almost always means venture capital investment. Sure you can start off in your garage and get the basics done on your own dime, but once you are on your way to becoming known to the public you need to grow fast. If you don’t take the money then someone else […]