Almost everyone who owns a website starts out on GoDaddy and quickly learns to move to another host. Apparently I’m just thick.  I still have some stuff with GoDaddy, including my family’s site, this blog, and some of my apps that my company hosts for clients. I’ve got an interesting performance problem this time and I need a tool to fix it.

GoDaddy’s customer service is legendary, setting the standard for how low a company can go. I don’t think they actually have customer service agents anymore, they just have upsell agents. Your only recourse is slog through your problem or hope Google can find others in the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, I think GoDaddy does an awesome job with domain registration and their self-service tools are extensive well automated. I much prefer a complete front end self serve tool to either a phone call or a shell account, although each does have its important uses.

A major complaint levied against GoDaddy is that they overload their servers, hosting upwards of 3000 sites on a single box. I’ve never found this to be a problem because so many of their hosted sites are simple landing pages, and they are constantly rebalancing their server load.  It seems however that their balancing of their MySql databases is a different story. One of my client apps has become extremely slow, and it appears to be MySql load. This can’t stand.

Since my guess is that it is a problem with MySql load on indivdual servers, the solution should be as easy as creating a MySql database on a server that isn’t overloaded, backup/restore, and cut over. But I need to prove that this is the problem and solution before acting. And the find a non-overloaded server.

I’ve made a tool. It will test and record the speed of a page every 10 minutes. I’m going to test:

  • My family website (HTML baseline)
  • My family website’s MySql database
  • My company website (HTML baseline)
  • Three company web apps
  • This blog MySql database

This will give me data on 2 hosted accounts and 5 databases. After a couple days of running I will have enough info to make a decision and move forward. I’ll post my findings in a future post.