After probing two MySql databases every 10 minutes for 12 hours I can safely say there is a major difference in the lag time between the GoDaddy MySql database servers.

The database I need is the blue line on the graph, showing an average of roughly 375 ms to return a page that only touches the database once. The red line is another database, which averages less than 200 ms. Although I didn’t include a script only test in the 12 hours (an ASP file that just returns HTML), it typically is about 100ms on this same server. If we are kind and say the red line db is lightening fast in its query, that means opening/closing the connection takes 100ms. If we apply that to the blue line that still says it takes 175ms to return a “SELECT SYSDATE()” query, and that’s the best case calculation scenario. This should be more like 10ms, 30ms in a busy environment.

From a anecdotal user perspective this was actually a good day for the site’s performance. Its time to take the next step – create a couple more GoDaddy databases, see which server is returning results the fastest, and move to that database.

I should clean up the tool at some point, but the good news is it works and it got the job done.