Everyone is selling expensive shutter glasses and cheap red/cyan glasses, and a few are selling polarized glasses that don’t look quite as dorky as the ones in the theaters.  The traditional prescription companies will sell you all sorts of sunglass tints and various coatings, but none are selling prescription 3D glasses. Why can’t I buy them?

The current market for all stuff 3D is an affluent high end demographic. At least in the short term these would sell well with very high markups.

This seems like a huge oversight and a lost opportunity on a high end market. First you tackle the shutter glasses market. This isn’t too hard, you take a standard shutter frame and add a secondary rim to hold the prescription lenses. In this case you’re just adding a second lens to the one frame.Remember those who need these glasses have already spent $3k on a TV and are facing a $150 purchase of glasses without the prescription. The upsale may not be too hard.

Then tackle the polarized glasses. And both the 45° linear or the circular polarization should be easy enough to add to the uncut lens. This is the one I want, and I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who hate both the look of the 3D glasses and the uncomfortable nature of wearing two pairs of glasses at once.

There is a risk of consumer discontent since moviegoers don’t know the difference between the circular and liner polarization technologies, and don’t know which one their theater has. They will either need to do some homework or invest in two pairs. There are more than two kinds of polarization (like linear that is straight instead of 45° and others like the Dolby system) but the world seems to be settling down on these two.

I’ll keep looking on occasion, but after two years of semi-annual googling there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon.