For about 12 years I’ve been waiting for my perfect tablet, and my long wait is finally coming to an end. I’m getting excited.

There are no shipping products that I would want as of yet, just wars of prototype demos and press releases (plus a few lame shipping products). I’m fascinated watching the players jockeying for position as every announcement is followed by everybody else changing their posture.

So what do I have to say beyond my opinion of what the perfect tablet is and other useless dribble? I’ve been collecting specs. Lots and lots of pre-production specs. Its become an obsession.

Wow, embedding a table into WordPress really sucks. I'll build the specs table as an external page and link it some time. Ouch.

OK, so this first tablet post will be dribble after all…

Personal rainbow/unicorn specs list for my very own tablet!

  • Minimum XGA or WSVGA, WXGA is preferable, 1080p or 1920×1200 is best.
  • Capacitive touch screen. Resistive just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Must play video smoothly at its max resolution, and must scale 1080p smoothly.
  • Must play H.264. Flash isn’t important.
  • An OS actually designed for touch screen tablets. This means AppleĀ  is still in the running but Win7 is not. Have you seen that the Win7 tablets all have mouse buttons and most have trackpads? What’s with that!
  • WiFi and Bluetooth. 3G/4G isn’t important to me, nor is GPS.
  • One+ USB, either A, mini, or micro (shouldn’t require a custom adapter). The tablet should optionally be powered via USB, and the USB port should be able to power a small peripheral.
  • SD or MicroSD card slot.
  • Allow off-line content viewing.

Nothing fits my specs, but here’s the top 5 closest:

  1. Notion Ink Adam – By far the closest contender. Even uses Pixel Qi. Due in July.
  2. Asus EeePad – Specs not fully fleshed out yet, but a promising contender. Due in June/July.
  3. MIS [Name TBD] – Also without complete specs but also looking good. Due in June/July.
  4. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo – I love this one for its display, but lack of off-line content and no ports may be a killer. Due at the end of February.
  5. Apple iPad – It actually fits my minimal specs fairly well, but the vendor lock-in is serious; I don’t even have any computers that can run the most recent version of iTunes anymore. Due in April.

I want a tablet for work I’ll be doing in June, so I may have to buy early. This means buying either the JooJoo or the iPad.