I’m voting for Joe Sestak on May 18th. Rather than just repeating his message, here are my top 5 personal reasons to vote for Joe.

  1. Specter voted with Bush much of the time. I’m glad he’s moved to the dems, but I can’t reward past behaviors when there is a clean slate alternative.
  2. Polls show both a Specter/Toomey and a Sestak/Toomey match-up leaning to Toomey. I don’t think the Specter/Toomey polling data will  move much over time, but Sestak is still an unknown to many and is the only democratic candidate that can surge and win.
  3. Specter is running an appallingly negative campaign. The flier I just received about how Sestack is paying his staff below minimum wage seemed odd, and a little bit of research shows it is not only a bogus claim (warning: video in the link) but the same suspect math shows that Specter is even worse.
  4. I’m confident that Specter is working hard to dig up dirt on Sestak. If the worst he can do is bogus claims of underpaying campaign workers then Joe Sestak is fairly clean.
  5. Go hear Joe Sestak speak. You will be impressed. He will make an excellent senator.

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