When following a recipe it can be handy to measure all your ingredients. But more often then not I find I want to improvise which isn’t conducive to using traditional kitchen measurement tools. So many people have to track what they eat, from weight diets to carbohydrates, fat, or salt controlled diets. When cooking you want to make an awesome dish and then eat the appropriate amount based on the fat/salt/calorie/carb count, not the other way around. What I want is a new device that doesn’t tell me how much I am going to use but tells me how much I did use.

It feels like a strainer in your hand, where you pour liquids into a depression at the top. Instead of a mesh it would send the liquid through a fan, driven by the liquid’s gravity. On the front of the device is a digital readout (I like the idea of analog but its not as reliable and far more expensive these days). The display ticks up each time the liquid turns the fan blades. The device would be sealed, so washing just requires a few moments under a running faucet. It needs a few rubberized buttons such as “reset” and “units”. Otherwise it is a fairly simple turbine, which itself could be the power source if you wanted to get fancy.

This device allows you to cook on the fly, tasting as you go, while still measuring for your specific diet. It works for all liquids, and you could have a larger version for small solids like rice, barely, and sea salt.

It would be marketed to cooks who for whatever reason are going through a diet change – and just for good measure, market it to the rest of the world too.