Next election if I feel passionate about a candidate I want to make my own lawn sign. It will be a QR code that fills the whole space and that’s it, no text at all. It will resolve to a web link, and I’ll build a fun little landing page that includes links to the candidate’s site.

Betsy hates the idea. She feels it will annoy everyone, being too cute and too much of a teaser; and nobody wants to have to work to get some jerk’s opinion.

I think any differentiation is good, and it gets a stronger message across to the few who follow the QR.

Care to take a side?

Update:  2010-05-17

Done! Printed twice on 11×17 paper, a few blank pieces between to make it opaque, 4 8.5x11 transparencies, and some tape. The hardest part turned out to be finding a hammer to put in the 4 grommets. Then some wire twisted around an old frame from the 2008 Obama campaign.