I started in the earliest DVR days with a couple generations of ReplayTV, I’ve played with MythTV on and off for years, and I’m a long time TiVo user. Although my wife and I love the TiVo its time to move to a world of just-in-time Internet delivered content instead of a jerry-rigged system to manage broadcast content (DVRs).

So will it be Google TV? Apple TV? Boxee? I’ve been running XBMC on a couple of machines for a year or more but it hasn’t caught on with the family, they need a simple box. No, the only one for us is Roku.

The interface is so simple. The organization is intuitive, flat, not too deep, and there is no screen transition glitz. It reminds me of the simplicity of the early ReplayTV units, which was instrumental in getting my wife to see the potential functionality of a DVR. A couple of years later we were ready for the more flashy interface of the new TiVo Series 2, but that learning time with a clean interface was instrumental. The TiVo has a less strictly hierarchical organization, which allows for better/faster navigation assuming you have a strong grounding in DVR UI architecture.

I expect to follow the same path with the Internet delivered content devices. We will stick with the Roku for a year or two until everyone (including the kids) have an expectation of hierarchy. Then we can then step it up to and move to Boxee, Google TV, or something else.

So, my sweet Roku, we need to acknowledge from the start that its just a love affair. If you want it to go on then you need to grow and change with my family’s needs, all while remaining true to yourself for the sake of new users. I hope you’re up to the challenge.