So last night I was playing with Angry Birds in bed while the rest of the house slept. I had the in-game sound turned off and the screen set to the dimmest setting. I was playing on my Droid so it was the ad sponsored free version of Angry Birds – the only version you can get for Android whereas iPhone users have a paid version only – some day I’d love to see the revenue stats on this experiment. Anyway, the ads pop up on the bottom right of the screen, and sometimes I use that area to swipe while playing. Apparently one time I did a swipe as an ad came up and it took me to the ad. I generally don’t mind this too much as long as it doesn’t kill my position in the game and the ad isn’t a scam, after all I want to support an otherwise enjoyable free game. But this one took me to a full screen video and started blaring hip-hop and smack talk. At 2:00am. In bed. Apparently turning off all sound in Angry Birds doesn’t change your media volume settings, which was turned up all the way. And the app does its best to prevent you from stopping the ads. After a few panicked adrenaline-filled moments I resorted to yanking the battery. Betsy was not happy with me, so I’m pissed off at Angry Birds.