Over the weekend I helped my sister Sidney move her files to a new iMac and I got her a new WAP/Router to replace her lame WEP one. Since I’ve not got her using lastpass yet and she is unlikely to remember a password that she doesn’t regularly use I recommended she put a sticker directly on the WAP and write down the administration credentials and the SSID with the WPA2 password, that way she always knows where to look if she forgets it. (I don’t think this isn’t much of a security risk, after all anyone with direct access to the WAP and a bent paper clip can restore factory settings and have full access anyway).

So we needed a sticker. Sid went to look and came back with a few promising options including a book of pirate stickers and a sheet of Edward Gorey labels. There were several great choices but she picked out Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest (if you aren’t familiar with the book see this music video version).

All consumer grade WAPs should have a place on the housing where you can write down the information, with appropriate security disclaimers. But since they don’t there should be a secondary market of sorts for the stickers, with cultural reference pics and possibly corporate sponsor info in the corner such as a logo or web URL. This isn’t something you can make money on, it is too low cost and ridiculously easy to replicate.

It should be a free giveaway from a company that is looking to improve its image. Take a tech hardware company that isn’t differentiating itself and is an also-ran in a field of many players – like Gateway Computers, D-Link, or my beloved Roku. Have them include this kind of sticker. When the customer gets the reference it can help foster customer loyalty.

This isn’t much of an evil business plan… more of a subtle marketing scheme… at best… ok, its a crappy idea. I just want my obscure cultural reference stickers!