I need to get these up quick before the announcements begin.

Basic predictions:

  • Double pixels in both dimensions, so 4x the pixels (yeah, everyone is predicting this one)
  • Called iPad HD (I can’t claim to have thought this one up, but it seems so right)
  • Processor bump and rear camera bump (also not a novel thought)
  • A special Verizon 4G model, but it may not be available at first
  • It will have a new and very cool (and very expensive) cover

Now for the fun and more independent ones:

  • Dump the iPod connector for Thunderbolt. It might be a different form factor, but it will be the thunderbolt spec.
  • Senseg’s really cool haptic feedback technology

It won’t:

  • Change size (7″, wide screen, etc)
  • Be cheaper
  • Increase battery life
  • Include SD slots
  • Offer a bump in memory (no 128GB model)

UPDATE: Well I got it wrong.

I think they should have moved to thunderbolt now as it allows for video out as well as much faster sync. Yes there is a huge installed base with the old iPod connector but Apple has a well established history of making such moves when it is the right thing to do. My guess is they don’t see faster sync as a big dealĀ as they are going all in with the cloud.

The haptic feedback was picked up by everyone at the last minute, but we were all wrong. I thought Apple was going to buy all the IP for the best haptic technologies, make a huge deal about how it made touching glass more like touching reality, and freeze out Android and Microsoft by forcing them to use second tier technologies. It would have been a classic Apple move.