Betsy is going to have a 40″ ice luge at Saturday’s fancy Fire & Ice party. It barely fits in the space with a slim drip tray and this thing will melt quickly. So how do I create a siphon that I can easily activate multiple times during a party?

What I want is a spring-loaded hand trigger (like a bike brake) with a small reservoir, in-line with the siphon hose. Inside the trigger has three valve states. When being squeezed, it pulls fluid (air/watter) from above into the reservoir. When released the valve flips the other way to push the fluid from the reservoir out the bottom end. When fully released the handle disengages completely leaving a standard siphon to work its magic.

Unfortunately its Thursday eve and with all my other party prep assignments I don’t have enough time, so this goes in the overflow blog. Its going to be a standard siphon made of a plastic tube, an alligator clip to hold it onto the edge of the drip tray, my mouth, and a bucket. How inelegant.

UPDATE: It does exist! There are cheap ones too that appear to have a single one-way valve, which means they rely on significant pressure to keep the valve open, and they are designed for too small diameter tubes. Oh well, the manual siphon worked great anyway.