Finally, after 26 days of trying, I’ve been able to place an order of a JooJoo. They have cut over to standard credit card processing from the ill-fated PayPal-only solution. Now I just need to wait another 26 days for it to arrive, assuming there aren’t any delays. I’m expecting it to be more like 40 days, but I can’t afford to let it go beyond 59 days since I need a solution for June.  I really hope they can deliver, otherwise I’ll have to go with the Asus T101MT (not a capacitive screen and its Windows based, but otherwise a solid looking product).

I’ve got some fledgling ideas of stuff to write specifically for the JooJoo. Some magical fruity candy stuff. yum. I’ve just registered for whatever I come up with. Now I just need the tablet, whatever API or info Fusion Garage is going to publish, and some more free time.